Tuesday 9 December 2008

Christmas Card Making Machine

We've just recently completed the Wieden and Kennedy London's Christmas card. David and I had a chat with Joel Gethin Lewis in the summer and decided to collaborate on proposing a Christmas Installation that in return could work as Wieden and Kennedy's Christmas card. So we had a brainstorm and 4 months later we've completed it. The result is an interactive installation that works by taking a picture of your face and placing it randomly on one of 12 characters (Thanks to Johnny Lighthands for the illustrations), creating a never-ending Christmas chain. You then log on to the site, find your face and email your very own personalised christmas card to all your friend and family... all for free!. Here's a little video of how it works

The windows been getting lots of attention on the weekend.

The technology behind the window.

Here's what the website looks like.

And a final personalised card.

Visit the window at 16 Hanbury St and visit http://www.christmascardmakingmachine.com.

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