Friday, 7 May 2010

MP3 Jacket Zipper Concept

Simple but useful product concept for general use and also for when your jogging. The MP3 Zip works with bluetooth headphones. Could be a good tie up with a sports brand and a certain computer company.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Some random ideas

Had these ideas a while ago and thought I'd post them up to to see what people thought.
The Candle Bulb

Table Setting Tea Towel.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Selfridges and onedotzero in book for D&AD

We found out that we received two D&AD in books. Both were in the Environmental design category. The Future A-Z for Selfridges has been put in the D&AD book for Retail and Services and the onedotzero festival idenity has been put in for installations. Great news!!

The power of Twitter

We came up with the Oyster Card Wallet Reader idea quite a while ago and kept it under our hats whilst we were talking to TfL about it. When we heard that they didn't have budget to make it happen we thought if we could prove to TfL that there is a real demand for the product this might make them think otherwise. So we posted the idea onto this blog and added it to our website and then twittered it. We were shocked to see the massive positive reaction of the idea on twitter and we then had a look at our website to see whether it had had any effect on the views of the site and we were shocked by the results.

14 views on Monday..hmmm not great.

On Wednesday 5461 views!!! Wow. We were bowled over by the response and thought let's set up a Facebook fan page to get an gauge of how many people really like the idea. We're in talks with TfL and want to go back with a petition to make this idea happen. So if you like it, and want one one day, please help the cause and click 'like' on this link . We appreciate your support and a big thank you to everyone who has clicked 'like' already.

Judging D&AD Furniture Student awards

Last Tuesday we judged the Student D&AD Furniture Category. Some nice ideas and met some really nice people. There was a clear winner from the entries. The award ceremony is later next month.

Monday, 19 April 2010


Found on the Guardian website.

Me, David and Karsten.