Monday, 31 March 2008

Honda Glass photo

We recently had some photos of the Honda glass taken by Russell Duncan. He did a really clever shot of it completed at the top and all jumbled up in the reflection. Unfortunately these glasses have been pulled but its fantastic they have been produced.

Rat Race

David and I are have been working with the new WK Side team on their idea for the window display at Wieden and Kennedy. Its called the Rat Race. The window display consists of three dimensional tubes which represent a localised area of the tube map. Inside the tubes are eight rats who are running around the tubes. This idea took a while to come off the ground but we're really happy with the result. And by the look of things the rats are enjoying it as well. Here are some snaps of the installation.

This is Sir Alan checking out his new pad.

Here's one of the rats in their little home. We have one big cage attached to the window where they play. If you want to find out what they have been up to visit them on

Guardian F1

I thought I'd post our first TV ad for the Guardian, which was on about three weeks ago. I've been a bit busy hence the lack of posts recently. The TV spot was made with a company called Tandem with an animator called Tobias. Tobias worked on the Tim Burton animated film the Corpse's Bride. The ad was based on the fact that there are four british hopefuls in the tournament this year. All four helmets sing the national anthem through car revs, which is normally played on the podiums. A little nod to our hopes that one of the four brits will win the trophy. No guesses who.

Here is the very first scamp we drew for the ad and the final outcome below.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I thought I would share mine and David's first piece of bought work at Wieden and Kennedy. The HONDA puzzle glass for the dealerships. The glass was designed to sit with the new Honda Problem Playground campaign. We also wanted to come up with something that would prevent people from using plastic cups at the dealerships which was interactive and engaging.

So as you can see at one angle the letters look jumbled but....

when you line them up at the right angle HONDA is revealed.

Click here to see more.