Friday, 14 December 2007

Wieden's Wood

For this years Christmas card at W+K they have decided to go down the environmental route and have produced a website where everyone is welcome to grow their own tree and decorate it as they want. You have to water it every day (bit like a tamagotchi) and all the trees live in Wieden's Wood. Here's what it looks like.

And here's what my tree look like

We've also designed the window in line with the website to promote it using recycled internal waste. One side is painted like to look like the site the other is honest showing what the set is made from.

To create your own Christmas tree click here

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Vinyl Figures

We have started to look into patnering up with a designer called Eddi who owns his own comapny manufacturing Vinyl toys in Shanghai. He's done some work with the Shanghai office and David and I were introduced to him a month ago. We are about to start designing some characters with him which is really exciting. Here is an example of his work. Click here to seemore.

Campaign Party

Today was the Campaign Dinner Party at Wieden and Kennedy. David and I were asked to think about how we could exhibit the Wieden and Kennedy year book of 2007. We came up with a few ideas for the party but really pushed one which consisted of 300 helium baloons, where each one held one page of the book. The result was a sea of floating pages above the dining room table for people to look at. Here are some snap shots of what it looked like.