Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Optimus Ghuy

My friend Bradley MADE this outfit for a heros and villain party!! Apparently he could only walk up the stairs backwards whilst in the costume. I would of liked to have seen that! He also made a gun which held six cans of beer as well!


If you want to see how accurate the design is check below at the flat pack Optimus.

How I made my Giant Honey Comb Light

I haven't put up any images on my website of how I make my products but I wanted a page to show how I went about making the giant Honey Comb Light for Tom Dixon.

The beginings. I had to make a structure out of card to see whether the proportions were going to be right.

Once we knew the dimensions were going to work we cut the appropiate amount of material to create the giant shade.

We experimented with back lighting the material.

Some final adjustments...

Having to squeeze this thing into a 3 door hatchback was interesting. A bit of a tight squezze!!

Once we had manouvered this rather oversized lampshade from out of the car it was time to hang it in Mr Dixon's studio.

And voila, the giant Honey Comb light.

Hopefully something will come of this. Its been almost a year since I presented the light and I'm still waiting to find out whether the design will be used. Fingers crossed.

To see more Honey Comb designs please visit my website here.

My dream car

Awright Treacle!

I went down to Columbia Road this weekend and came across a little cake shop called "Treacle". They make funky designed cup cakes and they taste really good to. To see more of what they can cook up click here.

Arrows artwork

Multiple arrow graphics. Limited edition prints out soon.

LPB's photos

This is a photo my girlfriend took on the weekend. It was taken whilst looking up. It proves we shouldn't just look ahead. Look up, down and all around. You might be surprised what you see.

If you would like to see more of her photos you can do so by clicking here.

Flat pack Optimus!!

I've got to make myself one of these!!

Click here to make your own. Flat pack Optimus

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Creative Capital

Spotted this article in the Evening Standard "This is London" website.

You can read the interview by clicking this link.Creative Capital

Thats one big post it note!!!

Are you ready to see more?

Hello one and all! This blog is for you to see more of my work and inspirations. Whether its a piece of graffitti I've seen to a random little fella sitting on a bench who I think could make an interesting story. It's also a way for you to comment on what I've got to say and what I do.

Take it easy and speak soon.