Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Howies Blackboard Van photos by Jamie Stoker

I was sent some photos of the van in the post on the weekend from Alison at Howies.

Here's Alison on the skate tour with the van in the background. I came up with the idea and Alison made it happen. I looked through all the photos and thought I'd post a couple of my favourites by Jamie Stoker. Really nice shots.

I'm going to submit the van in for next years D&AD awards and I'm thinking I might have to use a couple of these shots. Jamie Stoker if your reading this can I have your permission to use these? Thanks. Loving your work.


This is the blog of Jamie Stoker. said...

Just found this now, you probably wrote it years ago but you are very welcome to use any shots if you need to - glad you liked them, it was an awesome week to say the least!

Tom Seymour 3D design said...

Thanks Jamie! Really sorry about the extremely delayed response. Loving the shots.