Thursday, 17 April 2008

Nokia Green Room title sequence

I've been busy working on various projects at Wieden and Kennedy. One project that we have been working on is the Nokia Green Room title sequence. We finished it a few weeks ago and we are really happy with the result. We had roughly 6 weeks to find the director, animator and illustrator for the idea and make it happen. Luckily our chosen illustrator, Will Sweeney, was available.

We then chose Steve Scott and Dan O'Rourke from Not To Scale to direct and animate the piece. David and I were busy signing off characters components and sharing and agreeing on ideas for the animation with Steve and Dan as well as overseeing the logo which was designed by Johnny Lighthands.

The idea behind the sequence was to fill the small box on screen full of music genre non specific musicians, show them relaxing and drinking then suddenly switch to an on stage performance which is really the essence of the programme. There is so much going on that you want to see it over and over again to spot new things. Its only 20 seconds long so don't blink you might miss something. Click play to see more. Thanks to everyone who helped out on this.

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