Sunday, 5 October 2008

Nokia Headset Competition

After roughly 3 months we have finally finished our first website. <The Nokia Music Almighty Headset Competition went live on October 1st. We pretty much self initiated this project as well. Wieden + Kennedy wanted to produce some physical headphones for the Music Almighty campaign. After a conversation internally, we suggested that the best way to achieve this was to produce a competition where the public can design their own headphones and then physically make the best 5 designs which would go on to be exhibited across all the flagship stores. After pitching the idea to the client we got the go ahead.

We sourced the judges from design and music backgrounds, which consist of Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx, Dick Powell founder of the design agency Seymour Powell, Eddi Yipp the founder of Adfunture in Shanghai, Tokyo Music Lab who are a music label under the Wieden +Kennedy brand and Tej Chauhan creative director of Chauhan Design Studio.

We have designed the website so anyone can design a pair of headsets using the Style Palette where you are able to choose from a range of materials colours and parts. Alternatively you can use Freestyle where you can download the template and use any medium possible.

As you can see the gallery is filling up with some great designs, Fifty pages to be exact. The public award their favourite designs with stars. The 10 designs with the most stars are shortlisted for the judges to choose their favourite 5 designs which will then go on to be made into a fully functioning pair of bespoke headphones.

The competition finishes at the end of the year so you have a few months to show the world your designs. Thanks to all the judges and the team we worked with on this project to make this a success, Daniel, Eze and Anna. Thanks guys.

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