Friday, 14 November 2008

Howies Care Labels

I've just ordered the new Howies Winter catalogue which features an idea that I ran past David Hieatt last year. I worked on this with Alison who made the Blackboard Van Tour happen.The idea was to create a range of oversized care labels to be put into relevant environments with suggestions of how to look after the beaches, forests, rivers, sea and mountains. Here's a little sketch of the idea

Some images of the labels being constructed.

Putting up the label.

And standing all by itself on the beach.

And the whole range.

Unfortunately by the looks of things not all the labels survived the shoot.

If you want you a closer look at the Howies winter catalogue, click here.


Kevin Ferry said...

Cracking idea, always loved the Howies brand, a company way ahead of its time.

Keep the ideas coming

Ricky said...

i like that. Nice idea.
keep it up.

blogged about it here: