Friday, 30 October 2009

3D scanning

Been working on a few projects and a lot of them have been relying on new technology. Now this isn't really a new technology as such but never the less it was fun to play with. A group of us popped down to Inition along Curtain Road in East London. They specialise in a range of stereoscopic plasmas to 3D printing for Architects. Anything and everything 3D.

This was the kit we were playing with which consisted of a range of cameras positioned to take a number of photographs of the subject matter (this time rund it was my head) and a camera that would pick up tonal and colour references which would then be mapped onto the 3D image of my head.

The photo was taken and the profile appeared on screen.

Here's a close up of my multi coloured head.

And the image with the colour and tonal references taken by one of the cameras. You could then spin round the head. From this information they could laser print a 3D version of my head. If you want to see more have a look at there site here.

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