Monday, 19 April 2010

Oyster Card Wallet Concept

A neat little concept for London commuters.

With the Oyster Card Wallet you’ll know how much credit you have on your card at all times, at a glance. So no more waiting for the bus only to be turned away, and no more walking into the tube gates and holding everyone else up. It’s a simple idea that will help the underground work a little more efficiently.

We're in talks with TfL and want to go back with a petition to make this idea happen. So if you like it, and want one one day, please help the cause and click 'like' on this link . We appreciate your support.


Chris said...

This is so simple but so effective! I want one!!

Tom Seymour 3D design said...

Thanks Chris I've set up a little fan page would be great to get your support. thanks in advance.

JS said...

I do like this idea as sometimes you forget how much you have on it and then want to go on the bus which is a right fuss.

At the same time, isn't this also advertising to other people how much you have? Fair enough no-one's going to mug you if you have £3.20 on your oyster. But what if you had £50 on it?

Tom Seymour 3D design said...

Thanks JS glad you like the idea.

I suppose you could have the amount displayed on the inside of the wallet? Or just be mindful of where you look at your amount.

JS said...

Oh right, I didn't get that you could choose when it displayed the amount. I thought that it displayed the amount on the card all the time?

Tom Seymour 3D design said...

Hi JS, there is a preview button on the front of the wallet so you can preview the amount when and where you like.