Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Howies 10 summer stunts

This is an idea I came up with for howies the clothing brand. They wanted me to come up with a few ideas for 10 summer stunts to promote howies and to get peple to think (I will post the other ideas soon).

So I spoke to David and Claire Hieatt who own howies and they really liked my idea for a chalk board van, to capture the publics views on envronmental issues, which was brilliant as it was one of my favourite ideas from the ones I had come up with.

Originally I wanted to use a Camper Van but this proved to be too expensive and too much like fat face. Luckily howies had a van to use which was going to be large enough to transport there sponsored skaters and a photographer. So what was merely an idea on paper had turned into a Skate Tour to make people think about Nuclear Power, "So is it green, or is it dumb?".

So this is the final design. I'm waiting to see the final outcome as it all has to be completed by August the 13th so fingers crossed it looks good! Cant wait to see what people will write.

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