Thursday, 23 August 2007

Last couple of scribbles

I went to meet my girlfriend the other at Westbourne park and got a phone call from Alison from Howies letting me know that they were doen at the XBOX skate park with the van so I popped down to check it out. It was on the last leg of the tour and it looked great with everyone's comments. Apparently Green Peace phoned Alison up to say how great the idea was. I was really chuffed. So from what was a sketch in my little note book had now turned into a physical living thing that people can interact with.


wakako said...

I love your project. I posted it on my blog! (Link is here for your reference:


treesmokinghippy said...

Surely using a van that pumps black petrol fuel into the atmosphere defeats the purpose of the project.

Tom Seymour 3D design said...

I think howies tried to keep it reasonably environmmetally friendly by using Bio diesel. But yeah i get your point.